Here is a company that provides a key duplication kiosk service. MinuteKey can be found in many retail locations including Lowe’s hardware store and other hardware stores similar to Home Depot and possibly in Walmart and other locations.

The kiosk service provided by minutekey allows you to walk up with a key and create a duplicate key or copy of the key you insert into the machine. This service claims that their key copies are guaranteed To work, remember this does not mean that the key is going to work in fact, it just means that they will possibly refund your money if you can prove that their machine made a key that does not work. you will have to provide some sort of purchase receipt or proof of purchase to receive a refund. There will be loops to jump through to get your refund.

What surprises me is that people will use these minutekey kiosks services at a hardware store where there is a key counter and a qualified professional (Human) that can make them a key duplicated using a real machine that is designed to be operated by a human that can verify the key matches up well with your primary key. If there is a problem with a key made by a store employee the store will help you fix the issue, the kiosk service is nother story.

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