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Ever heard of bumping? It’s a special tool, somewhat like a master key, that can bypass many standard pin and tumbler locks. It was originally used legally by locksmiths, but is also used by criminals. There are locking systems that cannot be opened using a bumping tool.

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Are you interested in a digital lock for your home? One advantage to digital locks is that there is no key. So if you are the type of person who is constantly misplacing house keys, a digital lock could be a great idea. Call now for a free estimate. 941-924-0011 or 941-539-7650

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If you have moved into a new home, it is always a good idea to have all the locks on the house changed or at least rekeyed. It is not that the previous owners are dishonest, you just do not know how many keys are floating around.

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It’s easy to be concerned about security after you have a break in or other security related incident. The time to be security conscious is before you have a bad experience, though. Most security experts recommend investing in the best home or business security measures you can afford.

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The first padlocks were portable and convenient, as they could be carried and used anywhere. Though new, more reliable concepts for locks were being developed by the Europeans in the 17th century, padlocks were still favored by many merchants who had to travel many miles to conduct business.

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Did you know that the earliest attempts at securing items, before the now-common tumbler locks, were various knots in rope? Knots like the thief knot or the Gordian knot allowed sailors and others to secure their belongings and detect if they had been tampered with.

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Did you know that hiding a copy of your house key is one of the worst things you can do? A better idea to prevent lockouts is to give a copy of your house key to a trusted neighbor or relative.

When is your home more likely to be robbed, during the day or after dark? If you guessed that most residential property theft occurs during daylight hours, when you’re probably away from home, you’re right.


Tumbler locks are fairly commonly used by businesses and residential properties alike. There are three basic varieties: lever tumbler, disk tumbler and pin tumbler. Of the three, which is the most common? If you guessed the pin tumbler lock style, you’re right.